Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga Issue

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Product Description

"A rebel female warrior named Yoshino fights against an evil warlords samurai and youkai in order to help her friends, and the future of the people!"

Ronin Yoshino is an original manga series written and illustrated by me. It's an action packed story based on Japanese mythology. Each page is tediously drawn by hand with pencil, inked with pens and finished on a computer which takes about three months.

This is the new Revamped Edition. The books are professionally made. These paperback books have a thick glossy laminated cover with quality binding (not stapled).

- Publisher: Shinrin Studio
- Genre: Action/Fantasy
- Rated: T+ (teens & older)
- Creator: Shinrin Sam. Bros
- Format: black & white (reads right to left)
- Size: 8.5”x11”
- Pages: 52 (40 comic pages)
- Released: Reprint June 2018 / Original Release April 2008
- Language: American English

*I include Omake (bonus); signed art print & a keychain.

Ronin Yoshino © 2006 Shinrin Sam. Bros
All rights reserved.

Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga Issue Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga Issue Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga Issue Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga Issue

Shinrin Studio

Welcome to my shop! I create manga, figurines, arts and crafts. Printed products featuring my art such as apparel, totes, mugs and more. Ronin Yoshino is my original manga series. Custom pet portrait orders are welcomed!