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Custom Pet Illustration


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Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga - Revamped Edition


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Ronin Yoshino Playing Card Deck


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Ronin Yoshino Notebook with Pen


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Ronin Yoshino Bronze Keychain


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Ronin Yoshino Keychain - Chibi Yoshino


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Taiko Drum Charm


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Taiko Drum Pendant MTO


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Taiko Drum Earrings MTO


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Custom Pet Chibi Charm


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Custom Pet Sculpture


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Taiko Drum Keychain


Shinrin Studio

Thanks for visiting my shop! I create original illustrations of fantasy, wildlife, nature, anime art, handmade figurines, casual and earthy jewelry to various crafts. 'Ronin Yoshino' merch is available here. Custom pet art orders welcomed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!