Custom Pet Sculpture

$45.00 USD


Product Description

I can make a sculpture of any breed, mix or type of pet. I need photographs to work from. They don't have to be professional, just make sure they are sharp and clear enough to see the details of the markings, colour and fur. They are made in my comic style.

These are handmade figurines I sculpt out of polymer clay. They're formed by hand, baked and hand painted with acrylic paints. Size is about 3-4" depending on the subject. I need photos of the top, left and right side, face, underside and any additional photos for reference. Photos are some samples of custom pet sculptures I had made.

After your purchase, please upload your photos here - or you can post on my Facebook page,

Custom Pet Sculpture Custom Pet Sculpture Custom Pet Sculpture Custom Pet Sculpture Custom Pet Sculpture

Shinrin Studio

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